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Andrew McManus

Director | McManus Entertainment


Astute and professional, Andrew McManus has more than 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry and continues to operate proficiently.  An industry leader, Andrew McManus is the founder and owner of McManus Entertainment in Australia. The company promotes both local and international music, comedy acts, theater and sporting events. Possessing strong negotiating and communications skills, Mr. McManus has worked with numerous bands and individuals, including the Motley Crue, Lenny Kravitz, Tony Bennett, Culture Club, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Kiss, Chris Isaak, Joan Collins, and Crosby Stills Nash. With an artistic flair and strong organizational skills, Mr. McManus oversees the operations of the company while handling the generation of deals, logistics, and the productions. He efficiently organizes, plans and coordinates the venues, the print media, and television ads for each event scheduled. A motivator, he successfully leads his staff into a productive work environment.

Mr. McManus attributes his success to his determination and passion for his job, the support he receives from his friends, and his networking skills.  In the next five years, he aspires to expand his operations in the entertainment industry.

With a keen interest in assisting others, Mr. McManus is an avid volunteer for various care organizations, including the Kids with Cancer Foundation.

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